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Our Mini-Sferics-Player + Antenna as prototype in November 2010Our Mini-Sferics-Player + Antenna as prototype in November 2010
LET'S COME & START TOGETHER FOR A VISIONARY COMPANY - Participate to be one of the team/companies world wide and the success just investigating at the right moment now & here!

Completed products based on own patents to use the copied nature: An artificial environmental added "SFERICS = fair weather EMF" is possible everywhere portable or fixed in trains/cars/airplanes et cetera. Herewith a word first and unique pat. appl. SFERICS-HEADPHONE named SH-S1 <<-->> check this info's by and <<>> If you need more details go ahead here ....

Future Sferics development tree in 2010Future Sferics development tree in 2010
• Sferics as a portable small SFERICS or "fair weather field generator" to help disease or pain in regards to general weathers changes or climate change for mostly sensitive people. Now this is available as well as a headphone; more at:
• The first end user results to help someone are given (read ACTUAL_ACTIVITIES)....there is no reason not to trust those upper menioned science & hardware, which is far away from "esoteric thoughts"!
• Furthermore in the future this sferics devices can support "electro-sensitive people" near-by high voltage power lines, microwave transmitters and so on (in city statistics meanwhile > 20 % given people). Who can support this > 20 % humans jet? I think we ....
This Year we start to have the first parts of a TEAM PUZZLE, which includes a finance planer, products manager and me as general tech. consulter / manager.
We are actually searching someone for marketing and sales to start our "human project" soon. You are wellcome!!
But at first: To start our "human project" we are actually expanding worldwide business and/or searching INVESTORS. You are wellcome - don't hesiate to contact us!!
• Furthermore this sferics devices can support "meteorosensitive/electrosensitive people" near-by high voltage power lines, microwave transmitters and so on (in city statistics meanwhile > 20 % given people). Who can support this > 20 % humans jet? We do it ...
In the future Sferics-technics analysis are able to predict earthquake in advance;
• also sferics-technics analysis are able to predict hurricane path's or
• the probability / now cast of weather upheavels or tornado' called "bio weather forcasts".
Besides as informations: This main technology due to a modulation form based in sferics (in German we call it "Hüllkurve" <> nice weather field) would realize a world unique and new wire less information technique, which is not so much influencing the human body; hint: Studies of the Washington DC University describe this based on in-coherent additive signal for cellphones (GSM as a coherent/periodically modulation from). "Stand alone wire less devices" as home mobile phones (in Europe are this DECT standard phones) or bluetooth/WLAN and so on would be a simple entrance for future worldwide "bio-conform" wireless (cellphone) techniques based on natural signal's as sferics are.
• This named product ideas for instance are patented in USA - this will be not the last patent appl. - just in mind! The main sferics device patent numbers are: US ... (plus DE ... & JP ... & CN...), US ... (sferics modulation) and US ...CN (or a shielding at mobile phones). Don't worry: There are existing patent numbers for Germany or Japan and some more ideas for patents in my head jet!
• The rising interests in climate change and human supporting technologies will be a huge effort for all life at our beautiful planet and business interests as well. Probable investments (hint: private investors / VC) to buy all this patents for a "near-future" founded SFERICS company in USA are possible and guessed herewith. Some weeks in USA 2008 showed us an open minded ground California and Tennessee with that connection and met persons. Personally F. Koenig will support (as tech. consulter and mediator) all activities around above mentioned technologies as I'm able.
• On the other hand we started in 2015 a "family-related" production and sales coorperation to CHINA (my CN wife's brother living near to Wenzhou); some parts productions are related to activities regarding and
• Coming back to the past: One short overview seeing come keys on a probable team for a new company:
Kathryne B., CEO, marketing / finance / business (Pt. Roberts USA, not far from Vancouver/CA);
Mark B., hardware / technical stuff (California USA);
F.M. Koenig, science/strategy/general consultant (Germering / Germany).
• Anyway there are needed further interested and specialized persons for this business startup: To mention sales for example. And the key are investments to run it ... no money no startup of all activities in practice.
We think to license or transfer the patented technologies into one ore more new builded companies as INC's. The guessed time scheduling for that main steps could be for all that and a technology transfer until mid 2010. Where we like to go untill 2012 you can image at the following "Future Sferics Development Tree" graphics left side.
• Perhaps you are thinking: "Why so much in USA"? We intend to start parallelly in Europe, specially in Germany/Italy and in ASIA .... see upper mentioned family relations in and for CHINA!
And in the future: My investigations are still continued for the "second sferics devices generation" - not only a retryed scientific university research project in "Sferics effects on humans" is officially sponsored in 2010; hint: In 2003-2005 we got a sponsoring by Untill now and the future we have and got huge sponsoring by the German Government; see more at
Big STAR or prominent indorsing news 2017: We are working together with In 2020 will be one German femail at the spacestation and we support them in several way's!!

Official proposal: Scientific investigations for a much more nature-related habitat at the future space station flights and now ISS by "Sferics-Noise in Space" (see the first Germanan femail ISS astronaut program 2020):

A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter": More technical info's at: (issued &amp; sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:More technical info's at: (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:

We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017

Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013

That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".


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