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  • EMF: Natural and Artificial Human made Electro-Magnetic Fields; family based university knowledge since more then 50 Years now!
  • So far exists an independent unique selected LIBRARY in EMF, SCHUMANN RESONANCE (Herbert L. König, Univ Munich) and SURROUND SOUND / 3D ACOUSTICS for free studies at the office or private institute of F.M. König and his company FKE GmbH.
  • Dated August 2010: More then 150 PATENTS and patent appl. were made by F.M. König wordwide.
  • A new German written book "Sferics bio-effects on humans – new subject-related statistical investigations in meteorosensitivity"; release in May 2014, extraordinary print, ISBN 978-3-00-045904-7 <> contact us to purchase it. Th original title in German is: "Sferics: Biowirkung auf den Menschen - neue Probanden-Statistiken zur Wetterfühligkeit".

  • BOOKS ABSTRACT of world unique or first published facts & new findings: The earth’s living evolution is based on global weather and natural atmospherics EMF conditions over millions of years stored at our neural system; as well at human creatures. A first research study investigated the human body’s meridian short time feedback reactions to technically added natural atmospheric alternating electro-magnetic fields (EMF). It was simulated “nice weather” for > 75 human subjects by an additional synthetic EMF so called SFERICS as a wellness condition against negative weather-related EMF’s. The generated influences were observed at normal and weather-sensitive pool of test person, generated by a pre-anamneses-questionnaire and then writing an individualized diary of biotropic symptoms, especially when bad weather conditions or biotropic cases were determined during a time period 2012 until 2013. Furthermore detailed bio-statistical analyses were made about correlations between psychological characters, variety of meteorosensitive symptoms and weather conditions; hint:
    Regarding a bio-statistical data analyses around 43 human organ short time reactions values (plus pre-anamneses questionnaire over all subjects) it seemed to be effective significantly to mask this “unpleasant weather EMF’s” by near-field emitted sferics within minutes spontaneously. First results allow to discuss a certain “finger-print” due to visible individual body stress or a typical weather situation at humans which triggers meteorosensitivity. Hence well known meteorological factors like air temperature, humidity, air pressure seem to be not the only biotropic factors on human beeings. Finally our given industrialized environmental civilization forces an intelligent adaptive solution offered by a now offered portable small “nice weather field emitter” for sensitive persons everywhere usable. This study 2012 - 2013 was sponsored by the indep. foundation of the - without this help the investigations were not possible - many thanks again!
  • The first introducing book in German written on natural / artificial EMF/EMC so called "Die Natur braucht Chaos", at the, Germany, ISBN 978-3-89539-712-7 <<>> SUMMERY: New knowledge written in 219 pages and more then 73 figures. There are explained interdisciplinary studies + results due to natural or artificial alternating fields in the atmosphere / sferics; it is more or less the German version of the US English DISSERTATION work in 4.2004 (see link VITAE).
    Download PDF's of some held lectures and German/English published reviews like >>> pulications of the Journal Wetter-Boden-Mensch 2-2006 (called "Mobilfunktechniken" as a PDF file) or written by/at the NET-Journal 12/2004, NEWS 2/2005 by the Jupiter Verlag.
  • The books German summery / Zusammenfassung in Deutsch: Tsunami und Erdbeben, Sferics, Hurrikane und doch es gibt sie, die: Neue, biokonforme Datenübertragungstechniken. Die Erkenntnis, dass die Natur oftmals die besseren Lösungen vorgibt und der Mensch sich daran orientiert, ist Grundlage dieses Buches:
    Die Natur braucht ChaosDie Natur braucht ChaosBuchbesprechung: "Die Natur braucht Chaos"Buchbesprechung: "Die Natur braucht Chaos"
    Direct LINK:
  • Summery in German: Die Natur und ihre überraschenden Eigenschaften beschäftigt den Menschen seit seiner Existenz. Was in ihr vorging, wurde früher oftmals als mystisch verstanden. Bis heute konnte man viele seinerzeit als übersinnlich interpretierte Effekte in Modelle wandeln und nunmehr beschreiben bzw. nachbauen. Die nun möglich gewordenen Wettermanipulationen können in gewaltige Katastrophen enden. Mit dem rechtzeitigen Erkennen der Ursachen und der Entstehung von Naturereignissen, kann der Mensch sich aber auch schützen. Die Erkenntnis, dass die Natur oftmals die besseren Lösungen vorgibt und der Mensch sich daran orientiert, ist Grundlage dieses Buches. Hinweis: Einen Auszug um neue, patenteigene Mobilfunktechniken/-Verfahren finden Sie auch als PDF-Dokument in Deutsch unten zum Downloaden: "Verwehrte Entwicklung in der Mobilfunktechnik".
    Unsichtbare Umwelt: Herbert L. KönigUnsichtbare Umwelt: Herbert L. König
    Ein sehr schöne Darstellung der allgemeinen Zusammenhänge um natürliche / künstliche, elektromagnische Strahlungen sowie EMVU: "Unsichtbare Umwelt" (1986), Prof.Dr.-Ing.em.* Herbert L. König. "Unsichtbare Umwelt", der Klassiker aus universitärer Forschungsarbeit, sowie seinerzeitiges Lehrmaterial an der TU München, 39,- € (unverbindl. Preis), Restbestände!
    Die Weiterführung dieser Grundlagenforschung finden Sie in meinem Buch "Die Natur braucht Chaos".
    The basics for my book <> "Invisible Environment" = "Unsichtbare Umwelt" is a re-published book around natural EMF research annouced in Dec. 2011 (available 2012) from Prof. Dr.-Ing.em.* Herbert L. König, Techn. University of Munich / Germany :
    The books contents in German:
    ADOBE-Reader DownloadADOBE-Reader Download


    Main words inaround Sferics/EMF/weather-sensivity/(bio-)meteorology as a dictionary or glossary, weather-sensivity, bio-weather (for example at the cause of "foehn"), EMF and so on:
  • GLOSSARY F.M. König Dissertation 2004:
  • WEATHER-SENSIVITY - a German dissertation PDF (German doc.):
    Jan. 2012 - we are searching for probands/subjects at a German research project (check this WEB space for more informations):
  • Overview of WEATHER-SENSIVITY dissertations until the seventies made at the Univ. of Munich, Germany:
  • The phenomenon of a "health damaging / aggressive" south German wind - the alps FOEHN (German doc.):
  • Summery of a "Invited Schumann/Sferics memorial lecture; Prof. Herbert L. König" at the Intern. Inst. for Biophysics, 22.8.2008 as PDF lecture slides:
    The held lecture as 60 minutes mp3 audio file:
    Here a historical Schumann-Resonance film, how much importance that 7,83 Hz and the sferice as "earth life source" have:
    Seeing F.M.K father's / Prof. H.L. König's dissertation in 1958 (hint: Schumann-Resonance / 7,83 Hz global ULF field) exists a movie due to a "7.83Hz EMF Field Emitting Device", how it influences living processes on earth (NASA research on humans at the 60's et cetera); interviewed Dr. Dieter Broers / LFS describing it in German:
    More info's at
  • Historical high significant research results on worker accident cases weather conditions related (VLF EMF / Sferics <> in German called "Infra-Langwellen"); by Dr. rer.nat. Reinhold Reiter (extract of the book "Meteorobiologie..." Leipzig/Germany 1960):
    Besides a publication in German from 1997 how to localize thunderstorms by emitted lightnings:
    Whistler & Tweeks - Actual recordings & analysis of sferics 24bit/96kHz on august 8th 2012, rec. time 9.35p.m. (German text) - "the music of our atmosphere":
    And the 2D spectrum analysis of it:
  • Don't miss this disseration due LIGHTNING AND IONOSPHERIC REMOTE SENSING
  • Check this important LINKS to main papers & publications:
  • -
  • Correction of a mistake <> "ERRATUM FIGURE 1+2" in NET-Journal 7/8-2010:
    The accurate graphics at figures 1+2 of the publication Net-Journal 7/8-2010 (page 34) is downloadable here:
    The corrected NET-Journal paper is downloadable directly here:
    Besides and reminding an earlier publication: The missing figure 1 graphics is also shown as figure called "Sferics-Signalstruktur" (page 37 down/right side) at the contribution NET-Journal_12-2004:
  • NET-Journal_2-2005 <> "tsunami & earthquake predictions":
  • Verwehrte Entwicklung in der Mobilfunktechnik_WBM_23.10.2006 Entwicklung in der Mobilfunktechnik_23.10.06WBM.pdf
  • Sferics-Generator_Newsletter_Medica2007 gen_ medica 07_descriptions8.11.07_mod30.7.08_B2.pdf
  • Sferics & meteorosensivity research project 2012-2013, short pre-overview and facts lectured:
  • Check a Germany written publication 10.2015 about meteorosensitiviry & sferics & technics:
  • Headphones&Headsets as EMF emitters_Sound&Vibration2003
  • Spatial and binaural ACOUSTICS: 25 Years investigations in "head-related 3D reinforcement" via headphones and sound mixings; more then 100 SCIENTIFIC ACOUSTIC PAPERS and publications on held ACOUSTIC LECTURES for the, DAGA (; German Acoustic Soc.), Sound & Vibration, (German Sound Eng. Soc.) et cetera. Since 1991 are existing world unique patented & patent pend. natural surround sound headphone developments (hint: download "technical reports"). Furthermore offers unique EMF shielded low emitting patented headphones as the first company worldwide (download a paper here lower attached). This was another result of F.M. König's investigations during the Nineties.
  • Headphone surround sound acoustics at and more:
    * EAA (Hrsg.): ''2nd Convention of the European Acoustic Association. Collected Papers: Forum Acousticum.'' DEGA, Berlin 1999, ISBN 3-9804568-5-4 (König, Florian M.; paper number 4PEAA_5.PDF).
    * ICA (Hrsg.): ''17th International Congress on Acoustics. Proceedings Volume II.'' ICA, Rome 2001, ISBN 88-88387-01-3 (König, Florian M.; "New Electroacousic Transducers"; paper group 4_08.PDF).
    * EAA (Hrsg.): ''4nd Convention of the European Acoustic Association. Collected Papers: Forum Acousticum.'' EAA, Budapest 2005, ISBN 963 8241 68 3 (König, Florian M.; paper number 263_0.PDF); or
    * Audio Engineering Society (Hrsg.): ''127nd Convention. Convention Papers''. AES, New York 2009, ISBN 978-0-937803-71-4 (König, Florian M.; "New Electroacousic Transducers"; paper number 7880).
    * Richter Di: ''Ultrasone Interview with D.Sc. Florian M. Koenig.'' In: Head-Fi.Org (Hrsg.): ''Forum.'' (Download and View at:
  • Be informed: Read also the disclaimer for that WEB space here and the offered publications download area at IMPRINT here or the fke WEB page.
  • One more movie and TV presentation of "EMF & EMC tubes" by F.M. König in German here:
  • Coherence2010 Power-Point-Presentation or Slides at 23.4.2010 Rome, "sferics/technics/biometeorology":
  • German Paper, "Naturheilpraxis (4-2010; Jg.63), "Natur-Sferics-Technics-Lichtsmog":
  • A short Power-Point-Presentation or Slides "ECO_7Lidi-Energy-Autonom" in June 2009_Structure-Plan's:
  • An "eartquake pediction and measurement report" seeing the hazards on My 29th 2012 / Concordia / IT:
  • Cancer Case Conviction in Italy_"Urteil-Marcolini/Übersetzung":
  • German informations due to EMF and blood effects - "Geldrollenbildung und Mobilfunk-2011-V10"_Author is Wolfgang Heidrich: und Mobilfunk-2011-V10.pdf
  • ELECTROSMOG PROTEST on the 16th of Nov. 2011 in Brussels:
    Besides check this regarding wi-fi and probable cancer:
    A "hot" German publication against official statements of the German EMF commission (BfS) regarding their "denegations on EMF damage riscs due to plants and animals" (autor is U.Warnke & K.Richter; WBM iss. 1.2012):
  • At least check this to be informed from Dr. Magda Havas / Canada; 53 scientists united due to a "Declaration: Scientists call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure" >>> build your own opinion on the following LINK .....
  • An overview of actual science (EMF papers) & appeals et cetera you can find as links right side here as KEY LINK LIST and a new end 2017 published German written revue by:
  • Official proposal: Scientific investigations for a much more nature-related habitat at the future space station flights and now ISS by "Sferics-Noise in Space" (see the first Germanan femail ISS astronaut program 2020):

    A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter": More technical info's at: (issued &amp; sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:More technical info's at: (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:

    We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017

    Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013

    That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".


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    Weather situation


    Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
    • Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
    • Temperatur: 7 °C
    • Wind: S, 1.9 km/h
    • Luftdruck: 1022 hPa
    • Rel. Luftfeuchte: 100 %
    • Sicht: 2.2 km
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    9. Oktober 2018 - 0:20