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Muggerl - Posted on 06 August 2008

Find different PDF slide summeries, movies, mp3 files at "Research & Library" or earlier lecture contents here until now or at http://www.meteorosensitivity.com/. Furthermore at http://www.fk-e.de/news.html

March 22th 2012: Two held SFERICS lectures parallely at the http://daga2012.de/ by F.M. König and Christian B.König at the
http://klimakongress.de/en/programm.html <> check the fotograph >> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2558351338354&set=a.2401515857565...

Several lectures were held in 2011 (English and German). The multimedia movie tech. allows to regist them; don't hesitate to check some "live lectures and DEMOS" at my upper MAIN LINKS.

For instance COHERENCE 2010 - "cQED in Matter and in Life", Ten years after Preparata (1942-2000), a lecture at the Sapienza Univ. of Rome / Italy, 04.23.2010 at 5. p.m., title: "Technics and Sferics - In-/Coherences for Life" (summery at "fusione fredda" context: www.vglobale.it). An ICEMS workshop 2011 lecture will be held at 30.9.2011: http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/ProgramICEMSworkshop09.30.2011...

A held lecture in "natural EMF / sferics and natural light quality" and & *DEMO's in Eberbach / Germany on Sat./14th at the so called "autumn & *spring conference" (13.-15.11.2009 & *26.-28.3.2010 & 20.-22.5.2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOU-W0MxBh8 or German published at "Wetter-Boden-Mensch" no. 2-2011 / ISSN 0940-5984) of www.geobiologie.de.

Futhermore the 50th Schumann/Sferics memorial lecture at the International Institute for Biophysics in August 2008

November 7.–9., 2008 - "Herbsttagung 2008": "A historical retrospection 'in to the future' regarding the Schumann-Resonance and new developments in sferics "; similar held lecture at the International Inst. of Biophysics in August 22. 2008 (PDF slide show and mp3 audio file available here).

On the other hand: An earlier example of a held lectures on a similar context for general EMF science basics here: German symposium so called Frühjahrstagung on 21st April 2007 (and later 30st June 2007) nearby Heidelberg in Germany, topics were: SFERICS, EMF, technics, predictions of thunderstorms and earthquakes <> read the new book. Or at Research and Demos download area you'll find more data's here.

Besides some news to the "forest dieback" (or disease of trees/plants) near to TV or cellulare phone tower field emissions:
Published in a German Journal called Wetter-Boden-Mensch, no. 4-2006 ; and learn and look to the sferics demo & TV movies to download here and EMF/EMC LINK's you'll find more here at this page untill now.

A reference case in Jan. 2009 & research NEWS in Mrc. 2010: "Portable sferics generator helps in practice against brain tumor disease".
First results of 2 Years used prototype sferics generator. An actual letter sent by a German woman to download read here: www.sferics.eu/de/content/demos

A new third scientific university research in "sferics effects on humans" will be sponsored officially as earlier research in 2003-2005 appart from the FMK disseration.

WORD UNIQUE CONCLUSIVNESS: New movies show natural and artificial human made fields live measured in comparison - or "damaged orange trees" by human EMF - or what's healthy light and EMF combined: http://www.sferics.eu/de/content/demos-movies

F.M. Koenig is a :ICEMS member: and it's resolution: http://www.icems.eu/resolution.htm.

As at the end of November 2010 (26th TMT, http://www.tonmeister.de/) were presented "surround sound recording with virtual moved auditory events" in November 13.–16., 2008:

Special lecture due to surround sound headphones (hint: www.ultrasone.com), which produces spatial auditory events for home cinema <> reproduction of 5.1 DVD's in DOLBY DIGITAL. F.M. Koenig mixed "head-related" the first time songs including 3D realtime moving effects as flying birds, coming ocean waves or a crossing e-guitar, percussions or synti-sounds; IWT 2007 music contest winner cat. C2, Song "Climate Cry": www.fk-e.de/musik.html

Besides don't miss this news: 1. Int. Weather Sensivity Center in Bad Gastein / Austria: "Weather sensivity exists and is discussed officially". Brand NEW <> 04-27-2009:[img_assist|nid=6918|title=7.[img_assist|nid=6918|title=7.[img_assist|nid=6918|title=7. [img_assist|nid=6918|title=7.

One final image due to the meridian feedback live tests as POSTER and TALKBACK sessions during the 27-29th TONMEISTERTAGUNG in Cologne / Germany (2012-2016; like http://www.tonmeister.de/index.php?p=tonmeistertagung/2012):

Check this foto here .... http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/27.TMT-Poster.jpg
And the poster PDF: http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/Poster20.11.12Vortrag27.TMT2Fa...

This web space is endless running; now 2018! Many lecturing & teaching events were gone in 2017 too: Check my VITAE at http://www.sferics.eu/de/content/florian.m.koenig ----> Or here some prominent acts like a lecture at the Slovenian parlament on Nov. 30th 2017; see http://www.wellcans.com/en/prominent.php.

Official proposal: Scientific investigations for a much more nature-related habitat at the future space station flights and now ISS by "Sferics-Noise in Space" (see the first Germanan femail ISS astronaut program 2020): https://astronautin.hyvecrowd.com/contribution/show/2219

A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter": More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued &amp; sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:

We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017

Held lecture www.aia-daga.eu, Meran 20th March 2013Held lecture www.aia-daga.eu, Meran 20th March 2013

That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".


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